What We Do

INSIDEOUTBACK designs campervans and motorhomes that let you travel and live close to the natural world - connected to country. 

We design them in full detail, you build them DIY, or have them built professionally using our detailed plans, specifications, materials lists, and supplier contacts. And you get unlimited phone and email support throughout.

INSIDEOUTBACK campers are:

We are travellers - it’s in our blood. 

In our other business, we have been pursuing sustainability in buildings since the 70s, and Envirotecture is one of Australia’s leading innovators in sustainability in the built environment.

But with an ongoing interest in developing and refining ideas for sustainable exploration travel, we cannot stay away from designing campers - and we try every new idea ourselves before we let them loose on our clients. 

Testing systems and components like batteries and solar charging systems, folding mechanisms and fabrics, structural materials and connection, adhesives, and always - aerodynamics.


What INSIDEOUTBACK campers are NOT:

We do not build campervans. 

We do not design conventional campervans, which are ‘internal’, inside a mostly fixed shell.

If you want that kind of camper ready-made, go and see Trakka - they are the best.

INSIDEOUTBACK design campers that open up from the inside out, so that you live around the core. You build them DIY, or have them built professionally using our plans.

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