We design ultra-compact expanding vehicles that work from the inside out.

You build it DIY or professionally, and save.

The days of big heavy campervans and motorhomes are numbered. The era of the compact fold-out campervan and motorhome has arrived.

We have three guiding principles: AGILITY, ECONOMY, and CONNECTION.

AGILITY - compact campers and motorhomes that can travel light on the country with ease, low centre of gravity, low wind resistance, low tyre wear.

ECONOMY - lower capital cost, vastly lower fuel and maintenance costs, lower depreciation: keeps you on the road longer, bank balance healthier.

CONNECTION - keeping you in touch with the land you came to explore, not cocooned in a boofy hot-box with project-home decor.

30 years’ experience in designing and building leading edge vehicles and equipment, combined with new technologies and materials.

Our customers see themselves as innovators, early adopters of new technologies and sustainable ways of thinking. 

You can build our designs yourself, or use a professional to do it for you, all with our expert guidance and attention to detail.

If that sounds like you, and you love traveling light in this wide brown land, in all its variable seasons - we may be just what you've been looking for.

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