C’mon, let’s go!

Cahill’s Crossing from Kakadu into Arnhem Land

Oenpelli, East Arnhem Land

Yuendemu Community power station, Tanami Desert, NT

Walmadany (James Price Point), Dampier Peninsula, WA

Walmadany (James Price Point), Dampier Peninsula, WA

Magpie goose

Western Queensland bliss

Surveying the route

Lombadina Beach, Dampier Peninsula WA. No photoshop - it really is that white, and that aqua.

Lombadina is one of the many lovely communities on th peninsula.

Lombadina Beach, Dampier Peninsula WA

Cape Leveque, Dampier Peninsula WA

Firewood collection device - the “python grip” - en route Palm Valley. Load limit 150kg, no problem. 

Firewood is greenhouse neutral, fracking isn’t. Don't frack the Territory!

Whalesong Cafe, Dampier Peninsula WA

Sunset in the West Macs is one of THE most special times and places on planet earth. The air is just like wine, and the earth is like a kind mother. No wonder the Western Arrernte mob feel so connected there. We feel a bit adopted too, it’s a very special thing.

The Simpson Desert attracts a lot of ‘conquering heroes’, the sort of “Dalhousie to Birdsville in a day and a half!” mentality. What a wasted opportunity!

The Simpson, is quiet, and gentle, and soft. Mrs Simpson. Womanly, expansive - probably a large bosomed mother who takes all into her generous arms and cradles them with stories and songs. A bit too poetic? 

Maybe different in January!

The Insta shot. Yeah yeah, but it is a great pub.

How could Burke & Wills die here? Especially when they were being fed by the locals. Idiots, I say!

Cooper Creek is a birdwatching paradise.

Moonlight camp

South coast NSW in winter

Colo River bridge, Upper Colo NSW.

Hunter Valley drought, 2019. The green is a bit deceptive - the dam was alsmost dry, but those who do regenerative farming always have a better time of it.

Dunns Swamp, NSW.

Umbrawarra Gorge, NT. A hidden gem of unbelievable beauty and significance.

Wedgie taking off, Pilbara WA

Koleos on a gibber plain, Pilbara WA

Mine tailings, Pilbara WA

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